What is LRCA


The Lake Rotoiti Community Association (formerly the Lake Rotoiti Ratepayers and Residents Association) has been advocating on behalf of the residents, ratepayers and users of Lake Rotoiti for nearly 35 years.

During that period we have been involved in many issues, some of which have re-occurred with depressing regularity. Water quality issues were first raised by LRRRA in the 1970′s, but it took the rapidly deteriorating water quality and algal blooms in the early 2000′s and the determined and un-deflectable lobbying and actions of both LRRRA and other community based groups to force Local and Central Government to recognise that immediate action needed to be taken.

If as an organisation this had been our only achievement it would serve as a compelling reason why the Rotoiti community needs LRCA, but there have been many other issues that we have been involved in. One of the first (and a reason for the establishment of LRRRA) was a proposed railway line down the Okere Arm to Tauranga. We have also fought long and hard – and repeatedly – for Rating fairness for the Rotoiti Community.

Until the establishment of the elected Rotorua Lakes Community Board LRRRA/LRCA was the main organisational conduit between residents and Local Council.

In 2006 our constitution was ammended and LRRRA became LRCA – Lake Rotoiti Community Association. Our new constitution defines our aims as:

To promote, preserve, conserve and advance for the public benefit the interests and welfare of the Community at Lake Rotoiti

To promote, preserve, conserve and advance the environmental natural features, and physical amenities of Lake Rotoiti for the public benefit

To foster for the public benefit a harmonious relationship with the Community of Lake Rotoiti.